Welcome to Kazok*u*kon!

Where *U* belong

Kazokukon is a new 3 day Anime Convention coming to Toledo's Glass City Center (Formerly Seagate Centre) August 26-28 of 2022! Our name means "family" because that's what we are. No matter what fandom you find yourself in, you will find your place at Kazokukon! ^_^


Our Story

Kazokukon was born in the twilight of early 2021. It went nameless for a while until the founder thought about what makes Conventions and fandom great: It's a family away from family! People united by positives.
Kazokukon's purpose is to inspire and build community; to entertain; to uplift the best of what we have to offer: Cosplay, creativity, friendship, talent. We hope to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new! 

Meet the Cast!

Margaret M Tyler
Head of Photography & Public Photoshoots Coordinator

Margaret specializes in freelance cosplay portraits Photography- Tsukiyama-sama Studios Photography, Traditional & Digital art work. During the year I attend Conventions booking photoshotos & run events for Family of Moonlight, a group that is putting the Sailor Moon fans in the spotlight..