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Chair update: Kazokukon is a passion project and a labor of love. I am writing to let you know that for 2023, Kazokukon cannot happen due to unexpected and very substantial needed home repairs. Kazokukon ties up about one third of my pre-tax income, as well as significant time throughout the year, time which is needed to finish the house work. Were I to try to run the convention, I would be unable to provide either the funds or the dedication throughout the rest of the year to make it a success.


Without the necessary time and money, I cannot improve Kazokukon 2023 beyond 2022's levels. I am laying the groundwork for 2024, which will provide time enough to give you a convention experience you deserve.

Kazokukon returns Summer 2024


Kazokukon's purpose is to inspire and build community; to entertain; to uplift the best of what we have to offer: Cosplay, creativity, friendship, talent. We hope to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new! 

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