Kazokukon: A history

Kazokukon was born in the early days of 2021

    Kazokukon: the backstory

    "I've got a name" - John Denver.


    Kazokukon was chosen specifically because the name has meaning.

    The first meaning is "family" in Japanese. For many, conventions are a place they can be themselves in a positive and affirming atmosphere. Kazoku also describes Japanese nobility from 1869 through 1947, literally meaning "Magnificent/Exalted lineage" (Source: Wikipedia)


    Before the Meiji era, the term "kazoku華族" indicated "Seigake清華家" (族 and 家 mean 'family', 清 means 'pure', and 華 means 'flower') which was the second noblest family status next to Sekke (family status of the families of regents and top Imperial advisers) among kuge (noble families). And until the end of the Heian period, this term had been used for persons from good families. Source

    The choice of a Japanese word is also intended to convey a focus (albeit not exclusively) on Japanese animation and culture.

    "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" - Edna Buchanan

    Kazok*U*Kon: Where *U* Belong

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