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Our Electronic Dances will take place in


Stark RAVEing Mad (Mesmerist) Fri: 10PM - 12:30AM

Dance the RAVEn Evermore (ShadowSense) Sat: 10PM -12:30AM

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You can't have a convention without karaoke can you? Well we've got it! Signups will be live on during the event!

Fri: 9PM-12:50AM

Sat: 8PM-12:50AM

Sun: After Anime Idol - 3:50PM

Anime Idol

Take your performance to the next level at our Anime Idol contest! Sing and Dance your way into the hearts of our audience Sunday Afternoon, and win their votes to become the next Kazokukon Anime Idol!

Main Events

Sun: 12PM

Bright River (Toledo-based chapter of Amtgard Live Action Role-Playteractive Events!

INteractive events put YOU into the convention! Whether it's performing a skit in the masquerade, becoming a contestant in a game show, or being a part of our team events, there will be no shortage of ways to engage with the community!

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Cosplay Ohayocon 2019.jpg

Cosplay Contest

Who doesn't love strutting their brand new beautiful costume creation on stage? Join the Kazokukon Cosplay masquerade! OC's are welcome! Signups below!

Saturday 3PM @ Main Events

Haus of Wonderland Drag Show: Ft Clinica Deprecious

Kazokukon is a DRAG! And that's a good thing! Come on out and see an awesome show with an amazing lineup! Tips are encouraged!

Fri: 6PM-8 @ Events 1

Kazokukon drag show.jpg