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Signups Open

Welcome to Kazokukon's cosplay contest page! Please look over the divisions and find your fit.


The Children's division does not have a crafting requirement. Further, it should be noted that when considering craftmanship percentage, wig and shoes do not count, and most people use these pre-made.


All costumes and performances must be rated G to PG13. Performers do not have to make their cosplay, BUT if they do, they may compete in both craftmanship and performance. "Best in show" requires competition in both categories.

Places will be as follows: Judges' Awards, Division Runner Up, Division First place, Best in Show. Signups are open and include a "walk on" or exhibition category for those who want to strut their stuff, but aren't ready to compete!

Divisions: Find your place.


Ages 3 to 13, competitors are welcomes to wear whatever cosplay they want ranging from home made to Halloween costumes. 7 and under are highly encouraged to have a parent/guardian/ older sibling to accompany them on stage. Places for this division will be: Judges' choice, first place.



The first welcome into the competitive cosplay scene where you are just starting out.
50% of the cosplay has to be completely made by you.
0 to 2 major craftsmanship / performance awards or 5 minor awards (judges awards)


The competitor has some experience around a sewing machine and knows how to embrace the stage for the character. 3 to 5 major craftsmanship / performance awards. 65% of the cosplay has to be made by you.


You know how to make things in style and own the stage and have extreme attention to detail.
80% or more of your cosplay is hand made. 6 or more major
craftsmanship / performance awards.

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