We have a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment of ANY kind. Remember that cosplay is never consent. Just because a character might behave or dress a certain way does not affect this policy. Treat everyone with respect.

Event Policies

By attending kazokukon, you agree to abide by our event policies. These polices cover apparel, conduct, and health and safety within Kazukon's event space. Failure to abide by our policies may result in the forfeiture of your badge without refund and ejection from the event space. Any matters which may be criminal in nature will result in the appropriate authorities being notified,

Cosplay policies

Since Kazokukon is for all ages, all costumes must be street legal.

Private parts should be securely covered to prevent "wardrobe malfunctions." If applicable, dance belts should be worn under form fitting cosplays. Body paint is NOT a costume.

Functioning weapons may not be brought into the venue. Realistic firearm props must have an orange tip. bows may not be functional.

No live steel, whether sharpened or dull. Any purchases from the vendorhall that are live steel must not be opened and must be taken immediately to your vehicle or room.

IF you have any questions, please email kazokukon@gmail.com with the subject "Cosplay Policies"

Health & Safety

By attending Kazokukon, you recognize that there is always a chance of catching an infectious disease, such as Covid.

Kazokukon will abide by the policies of the state of Ohio and local governments under which it operates. As of now, our intention is to have a fully open event featuring all the elements you love about conventions: dances, flea market, karaoke, et al.

Attendees may choose to wear a mask. All attendees should respect each other. Our ZERO tolerance policy also applies to the harassment of someone over wearing masks.

Guests (including cosplay guests) may have additional requirements for meet and greets (such as masking, distancing, plexi-glass, etc. If you wish to meet the guest you are expected to abide by their policies. Failure to respect our guests can lead to ejection from the event.