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How may I contact you?

Please direct any convention related questions to us at

Are masks required?

Not at this time. Ohio is currently fully open. We will comply with any state or local mandates. Kazokukon is a public event. As such, there is always a risk of communicable disease. By attending you accept this risk. Please follow good hygiene practices. Also, for the health and safety of others, please obtain consent before engaging in any physical contact with another person. Respect.

I am being harassed for wearing a mask.

Kazokukon has a zero tolerance policy for harassment. If your badge is revoked, please leave the event space immediately.

Is my badge a weekend badge?

All badges sold before the event online will be for the full weekend.

Will badges be available onsite?

Badges will be available for purchase onsite at the Glass City Center

Will there be 1 or 2 day badges?

All prereg badges are weekend badges, good for Friday through Sunday. Badges sold On Saturday will be 2 day badges. All badges sold on Sunday will be one day. This will be reflected in the price at the door.

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