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Exibitors, Programming, Guests, Cosplay and the Departments of Odds, Ends, and Everything not Covered Elsewhere

Margaret M Tyler

Head of Photography & Public Photoshoots Coordinator

Margaret specializes in freelance cosplay portraits Photography- Tsukiyama-sama Studios Photography, Traditional & Digital art work. During the year I attend Conventions booking photoshotos & run events for Family of Moonlight, a group that is putting the Sailor Moon fans in the spotlight...

Nick Squared.jpg
Nick Stypinski

Tech Assistant, Cosplayer and hockey player!

Cody Taylor (Taylor)

Gaming & Tabletop lead Hello, I'm Cody Taylor (Taylor) I have been going to conventions for 10 years and have vast experience in gaming and table top gaming. I am 27 years old and have been cosplaying since 2015.

Sereia Lauder

Level 28 cosplayer and con attendant, have been working photoshoots with Margaret for a few years now. A jack of all trades and interest, magical girl animes still reign supreme in her heart.

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