Our Guests!

Kazokukon is excited to be able to bring you the following awesome creators and performers!

Jennifer Cihi Headshot New.jpg

Jennifer Cihi

Jennifer Cihi is a Broadway and television star best known for being the sing voice of Sailor Moon.  She is the voice behind the iconic songs, My Only Love and Power of Love.  She was also in the Broadway National Tour of Annie and starred on the Nickelodeon series Roundhouse.  If none of that rings a bell, she is also the singer behind the Hot Pockets commercials! Originally from Los Angeles, she now lives in Nashville where she still sings professionally.  

Stefanie DeLeo

Stefanie DeLeo is a published and produced playwright and actress with a Master's Degree in theatre from New York University. Her plays have been performed all over the United States and South Africa. As a published playwright, she is happy to provide information for aspiring writers!  Her latest published work is a piece in Chicken Soup for the Soul (Dreams and the Unexplained) chronicling her friendship with Jennifer Cihi, the voice of Sailor Moon.

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Samurai Dan & Jillian

We are excited and honored to host Samurai Dan and Jillian at Kazokukon! They are avid supporters of the community and give their all. If you go to their panels you will learn something and you will laugh. And you MIGHT even get to meet their adorable Akitas, the real stars of the show!

They're a singer, cosplayer, costume maker, in character Princess performer, and film creator! They're also active with cosplay groups and won a performance award at this year's Ohayocon Cosplay Expo!

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LesIsMore Cosplay

Cosplaying since 2012 LesIsMore Cosplay has made a name for herself as a cosplayer who doesn't hold back. Plus sized and proud she enjoys cosplaying a wide range of characters from fandoms far and wide and is a firm believer that anyone can cosplay. A member of Ohio River Valley Cosplayers she enjoys talking on panels and helping at events throughout the Midwest

Ally-katz from Tales of Awesome Cosplay is a master level cosplayer from Michigan. She has been cosplaying with her sister for over 15 years and has won over 20 sewing and skit awards. She has made over 200 cosplays with over 50 of them exclusively from the Tales of series. The Tales of series is the reason she started sewing cosplays and is a huge part of her life. She is always excited to see and meet other Tales of fans and can't wait to see all the entrees for the costume contest. 



EDC Meets Anime Expo when Mesmerist is at the decks. While DJ/Producers with a focus on Japanese culture and Nerd culture tend to favor all House music or UK Hardcore, Mesmerist breaks the mold by bringing varied multigenre DJ sets meant to evoke the fast-paced, theatrical excitement of a Festival DJ set together with the music of anime, video games, and more! With this unique style, Mesmerist has rocked the Midwest, the Internet, and Beyond with iconic, memorable performances that get audiences moving.



Shadowsense started producing in 2011 after discovering electronic music via his friend and fellow producer Rux Ton. With influences rooted in alternative rock and heavy metal, he began his quest to bring his unique blend to the world. Along the way, he picked up tricks from those in the electronic scene and began DJing local venues and conventions along the shores of Lake Erie, including Glass City Con and TAGFest. Over 10 years later and he shows no signs of stopping any time soon.